Sometimes, high street retailers will not do. The furniture is mass produced, sometimes poorly, it often doesn't fit where you want it to fit, and down the street Jill, Donna and Tracy have just bought that same table, you were going to buy! 
This is where I come into the equation. Whether you need a table to fit into that alcove, you like a design but, it just needs that little bit tweaking or, you have that design in your head that you want built. I can make it happen!


Have you ever thought, I'd like to build that? I now offer onsite tuition around the UK (dependent on my availability), showing how to build with hand tools. I can accommodate beginners, and intermediate. Whether you want to build a simple seating bench, hone your dovetail skills, or build a workbench, I have you covered. Small groups are welcome, please contact me for more info.